Hathaway Hurricane Foosball Table Review

Overall Rating

  • Performance 92%
  • Design 94%
  • Quality 91%
  • Playability 92%
  • Cost-Benefit 96%


– Attractive design
– Cheap price
– Lightweight
– Adjustable height


– Difficult to assemble
– Rods may bend

A long time addition to living rooms, mature clubs, and casual hangouts alike, foosball tables are a well known sign of class and entertainment. One table can occupy a large number of people either playing or watching, making them a wise investment for an interested party host.

Since their invention in 1922 they’ve been hovering at a solid amount of popularity, even as other forms of entertainment like video games and virtual reality grow more widespread. Today many people still enjoy crowding around to enjoy a tense game of foosball on a quality table.

Hathaway is a company that makes such quality tables and have been making them for a long time. A branch off of the Blue Wave Products company that make pools and saunas, Hathaway specializes in a different kind of sophisticated recreation with things like pool and foosball tables. With years of professional expertise in creating fun appliances for people to use, their Hurricane foosball table definitely doesn’t disappoint.

The Specifications

Dimensions: 54 x 27 x 33 inches

Weight: 55 pounds

3/16 inch MDF walls

0.5 inch steel rods

26 plastic players

4 foosballs

Plastic Sure Grip handles

Adjustable leg levelers

Light cherry melamine finish

Hathaway Hurricane Foosball Table Features


This table is a basic make with little details that make it a little fancy. A wooden cabinet stained with cherry melamine sits on top of black melamine legs. Thirteen white players and thirteen black ones are attached to metal rods. At each end, a goal hole sits under an ABS slide counter to keep score with.

The table’s cabinet is made up of very sturdy, dense MDF to resist bends and dents. Its L-shaped legs are secured tightly to each corner and have stabilizing levelers on the bottom so it won’t wiggle or move while in use, even by the most enthusiastic players.

Each of the thirteen players are made of a sturdy quality ABS plastic. They’re attached securely to chrome plated steel rods fitted with E-Z spin bearings for smooth play. Each rod is also capped with a comfortable plastic grip. Three goalies instead of the common singular one will heighten the difficulty of any game and four foosballs will keep things going nonstop.

Hathaway Hurricane Foosball Table Pros and Cons


One of the things that puts people off the most when they’re considering a foosball table is price. With many of them soaring up over a thousand dollars, this is a reasonable hesitation. This table, however, is much simpler in make and material, and therefore much cheaper. It retains the durability and functionality of a regular foosball table but keeps it at an affordable price, making it ideal for smaller budgets.

Many foosball tables are extremely heavy, since they’re made of thick wood and extra solid metals. In contrast, the light materials of the Hathaway Hurricane foosball table allow it to weigh in at only around fifty pounds, making it very easy to move and carry.

Most people don’t get an entire foosball table just for a select few people; it’s something impressive to show off and entertain any guests with. This table makes that easy to do with its adjustable height legs. Tall and short people alike will be able to have the table meet their specific needs to they can play in comfort.

All functionality aside, what’s also important is that the foosball table isn’t an eyesore. No one wants an ugly thing in the corner that throws off the whole aesthetic of the room–and thankfully, this table won’t. With an attractive light cherry finish and dark black legs at the corner, his table will add a pleasant depth to the decor of the room.


With any large piece of furniture, figuring out how to set it up can be an exhaustingly long process. From the reviews this foosball table has, that seems to be extra true. Putting the whole thing together seems to be a problem that many face, though they’re happy with it when they’re done.

Since the Hathaway hurricane foosball table is made of less reinforced materials than most tables, it is that much easier to break or bend. While it will still take a significant amount of force, the rods will sometimes bend during use and make playing a little awkward.

Hathaway Hurricane Foosball Table Conclusion

A foosball table should be both fashionable and useable to create entertainment wherever it lives. The Hathaway hurricane foosball table does both of those things extremely well. Solid, well-crafted material with an attractive color scheme will make a place look homey and welcoming no matter where it is. It’s adjustable legs, stable feet, comfortable grips, and easy to use play style will let anyone step up and try their hand as well. With a relatively low cost to match its high potential, this foosball table would be a perfect personal investment.

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