Rene Pierre is one of only five European based football table manufactures.

The longstanding foosball company began life in Ranchot, a quaint village in Eastern France, in 1954.

The very first tables were hand made by Rene Pierre himself, in the garage by his house.

Initially the tables were sold solely to business but as interest grew Rene Pierre opened a wood factory in Ranchot and began to market the tables to private buyers.

Over the last seventy years, Rene Pierre tables have established themselves as a brand recognised for some of the most stylish and well made foosball tables on offer.

In this article we will look at some of the flagship tables that are available from Rene Pierre today.

Stade Foosball Table

The Football Table Stade takes its name from French professional football club, Stade Rennais FC.

What makes this table really stand out is the colour grades available. The varnished oak wood grain is a thing of understated beauty and is the most versatile of the grades on offer.

A simple but classic finish. The Orange, Yellow and Red grades are for the flamboyant. Distinct, stylish, and retro-cool; these are the kind of tables ‘The Fonz’ would have played on.

It’s a fast playing table, the balls spin delightfully across the smooth linoleum surface and the ergonomic grips allow players to generate real power from defense to attack.

Simply put, the Football Table Stade sets the benchmark from which all Pierre Rene tables should be measured.

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Black Match Foosball Table

From the classic design and contours of the Football Table Stade we move on to The Black Match.

The Black Match is the modern players table. In terms of the specifications and build quality there is not much to choose between the Black Match and The Stade.

The choice, as with most products from Rene Pierre, is all about style. The Black Match Table is distinguished by its modern contemporary design.

A sleek black or a minimalist flat white are the only two colours available. What differentiates the Black Match from the Stade is the new sliding rods system. A design that includes both inner and outer auto-greased rings.

Not only does this allow players to move quicker with less friction, it also reduces the time owners have to spend on maintance.

The Black Match is a polished table with a few modern tweaks that bring Pierre Rene foosball into the 21st century.

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Rene Pierre Competition Table

The Competition is for players who are serious about foosball. It is a premium table for premium players.

Unlike the Black Match and the Stade, The Competition is made from solid beech wood. This gives it a durability that is unmatched by any other foosball table on offer.

It is a table built to last, and is both steady and strong. It is equipped with inner and outer springs that promote a faster game.

The Competition table is finished with professional grips that allow for touches of finesse as well as perfect taking.

The table is designed to be played with cork balls to provide a faster, nuanced, game.

In short, The Piere Rene Competition table is a professional table designed for the best players and clubs.

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Tahiti Foosball Table

The Football Table Tahiti is perhaps the simplest design on our list.

A smooth well rounded table with a modest design. The countoured edges make this a simple but pretty piece of furniture. The Tahiti is something a little bit different. It is an outdoor foosball table.

It is constructed from a combination of Medex and Plastic. Unfortunately, for foosball enthusiasts, the lack of wood in the construction slow the table down and, from a players perspective, it can only be described as a blunt instrument.

It can be fun to play in the sunshine and, to the Tahiti’s credit, it is highly weather resistant; both to ultraviolet radiation and water. The Tahiti is a sturdy table that is built to last through even the most adverse outdoor weather conditions.

However, the Tahiti’s status as an outdoor table mean it is better suited to the casual player than the true enthusiast.

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Rene Pierre Foosball Tables Conclusion

Pierre Rene tables offer some of the best designs available in both look and feel.

They stand out from their American counter-parts and offer a more subtle game to foosball enthusiasts.

In closing this piece I would like to point you to some of the antique Pierre Rene tables available at auction.

These are original tables built by Pierre Rene himself. Probably not suitable for play anymore, these antiques make superb retro furniture and are worth looking at simply to see where it all began and trace the development of Pierre Rene design across the decades.